The ultimate healthy burger

I created my second #FitmealFriday recipe for Train Eat Gain after speaking to a friends whose biggest challenge is staying healthy when relaxing with family and friends. Many eat perfectly healthily during the week, avoiding sweet office temptations and getting up at the crack of dawn to work out, but find their diet derails quickly as soon as they leave work on a Friday night.

Whether it’s the Friday night takeaway and wine habit that you justify as something you need after a long week at work or the fear of your family becoming bored of your home cooking, it’s easy for one treat to spiral into a whole weekend of (often unwanted) indulgences which limit or even reverse the progress you made midweek. Restaurant burgers are increasingly being served between sugary brioche buns and contain up to 1500 calories, so a meal with fries and sides can tip you far over your intended food intake.

Succulent beef, sweet roasted pepper and crispy toasted bun: burger perfection!

Succulent beef, sweet roasted pepper and crispy toasted bun: burger perfection!

Before you give into temptation this weekend, grab the ingredients for this simple gourmet burger recipe on your way home and enjoy creating personalised burgers with family and friends. Turning an unwanted cheat into a succulent healthy meal will kickstart your motivation to have a healthy weekend, and leave you free to add a small treat which you really enjoy (my favourite toppings are melted cheese and red onions fried in coconut oil), completely guilt-free!

Find my ultimate burger recipe here (including a gluten free option), and please share your photos with us on Twitter and Instagram (@FitFoodEmma and @TrainEatGain) so we can be inspired by your creations!


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