BoomBoom Athletica: the activewear turning the tables on spin soreness & DOMS

Intrigued by the promise of professional quality compression clothing that’s as beautiful styled as streetwear or sportswear, this week I attended BoomBoom Athletica’s Shoreditch showcase. With the invitation promising a fashion show and chance to meet the founder in one of my favourite London neighbourhoods, I headed to the home of pop-ups to enjoy a drink in the sun and see a sneak preview of the products being launched at Be:Fit.

Ann Johansson explains the unique comfort insert is hidden in the brand's spin leggings.

Ann Johansson explains the unique comfort insert is hidden in the brand’s spin leggings.

Founder Ann Johansson’s experience as an ultramaratharon runner (serious respect due there!) and gym lover has inspired her collection of multifunctional sports luxe clothing, each item meticulously crafted for both fashion and functional excellence. Multitasker extraordinaire Ann’s juggled training and running a fledgling business, using her 18 hours of weekly run time to pin down exactly what women want from their workout wear. That marathon experience has fuelled the brand’s uncompromising ethos and emphasis on breathability and stability: true to form, even the models wearing the weatherproof jacket didn’t break a sweat on the hottest day of the year so far.

The collection features tank tops, sports bras, leggings and a beautiful windproof hoodie in black and white, with contrasting mesh panels showing just a subtle hint of skin. All the apparel uses luxurious Italian materials and non-slip silicon waistbands which keep up with your whole lifestyle, whether you choose to run ultramarathons like Ann or prefer a quick HIIT followed by a more leisurely shopping marathon (I’ll only be testing the second option!). The new compression materials promote muscle oxidation during and after exercise, reducing DOMS (hurrah!) and sculpting abs and thighs to create a sleek physique.

The beautiful Natalie (The Blonde Ethos) and Layla (Avocado Gains) showcasing the garments' flattering cuts.

The beautiful Natalie (The Blonde Ethos) and Layla (Avocado Gains) showcasing the garments’ flattering cuts.

Being a weights and circuits devotee rather than a runner, I’d never believed compression clothing would benefit me. If I’m honest, the softness of the leggings and flattering long jacket had me sold regardless of the science, but happily the studies do support my fashion-led choices. Recent research shows that compression technology is particularly effective for short sprints and jumps, so I’m hoping it’ll help me push that little bit harder during sweaty tabata sessions and stop me wincing in pain with every step the day after leg day!

However, with a couple of brands seeing the benefits of compression materials, what’s really unique about Boom Boom Athletica is their brand new front row spin leggings. Having tried spin classes a couple of times but never returned due to pretty offputting crotch pain, the invisible Tour de France padding insert and bunching-resistant silicone could completely shake up my workout routine. The insert is usually only found in rather less attractive, £200+ specialist cycling shorts so I was sceptical that it could be used in any fashionable leggings but having got very, very close to the mannequin’s crotch area I can confirm that Ann’s secret will be safe with you, no matter how close your gym packs its spin stations!

The collection is available online now from Boom Boom Athletica’s website, or if you like to try before you buy head to stand F60 at Be:Fit, the UK’s only health & fitness festival, from 1st – 3rd May. Tickets for Be:Fit have almost sold out, so get yours quickly – use the code AF06 for a discount :).




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