My new favourite breakfast: a ten minute recipe that ISN’T porridge!

My family kindly guessed that a basket of sugary creme eggs wouldn’t be my ideal Easter present, so chose something a little more traditional for my Easter treat: delicious real eggs. To be more precise,  half a dozen beautiful Clarence Court Braddock White duck eggs. Having never tried duck eggs, I was pretty ecstatic and couldn’t wait to crack open their huge shells. About twice the size of regular medium eggs with famously rich, yellow yolks; ducks eggs taste much more indulgent than hen’s so are perfect for a special brunch (and ideal for a romantic breakfast in bed!).

Sadly I had to cook my own, but with this super simple meal taking barely ten minutes to prepare it wasn’t long before I was curled up in my slippers, dipping my soldiers whilst catching up on my favourite Youtubers’ latest videos (I’ll be blogging about my must-watch inspirational bloggers and vloggers very soon, so schedule some ‘me time’ for a Sunday morning now!).IMG_20150420_120859

Soft boiled duck eggs with rye & asparagus soldiers (serves two)

  1. Bring a pan of water to the boil, then gently roll in your eggs and cook for five to seven minutes.
  2. Meanwhile, toast two slices of rye bread (I love Schneider Brot’s and Biona’s linseed loaf) and steam 200g asparagus.
  3. Spread your toast with coconut oil or butter, crack open your eggs and relax with that golden goodness!

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