London’s porridge (and risotto and quinoa salad!) cafe

The words “love” and “food” are thrown around all too casually but I can’t find a better way to express my passion for the creamy, heartwarming texture of oats (especially ones with deep, rich chocolate chunks and subtly sweet berries melting in… recipe here!). Cupcakes are great and I’ll rarely say no to a square of dark chocolate but there’s something so unctuous about porridge’s possibilities that it even beats freshly baked cookies in my eyes.

If I’m honest, it’s possibly bordering on an oatmeal addiction: I have been known to accidentally devour my boyfriend’s breakfast porridge the night before, quickly prepping him another meal and washing up the bowl before he sees the evidence!

So when a porridge pop-up arrived in London earlier this year, I thought all my dreams had come true. My favourite food, popping up near to my flat with a wealth of toppings and very reasonable prices – I had visions of going every day and getting some kind of loyalty/Porridge Addicts Anonymous card for my efforts. But then I couldn’t squeeze in a visit before work, and I was away for a few days, and before I knew it the cafe’s residency had ended and I’d somehow missed it altogether.

Can you believe this is the "small"?!

Can you believe this is the “small”?!

Luckily it seems the foodie Gods believe in second chances, as the Porridge Cafe has returned to the capital this month (the best birthday present a city can give this food blogger!). The Cafe is now handily located just outside Victoria train station so when Georgina from Fitcetera suggested a breakfast date I jumped at the chance to spice up my morning routine.

Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner with at least two options for each meal, the cafe offers traditional porridge for breakfast followed by savoury ryeottos, speltottos, chicken congee and even a green plant-based kale & avocado quinoa salad. Most options are gluten free, and many are also dairy free and plant-based/vegan.

Creamy oats, sticky Pip & Nut, sweet apple and crunchy nuts... breakfast perfection!

Creamy oats, sticky Pip & Nut, sweet apple and crunchy nuts… breakfast perfection!

Georgina chose a colourful flax & rye porridge base topped with chia, cherry & pistachio (the beautiful pistachios alone would brighten even the greyest British morning!), and I opted for an almond butter, apple and raisin mix to match the autumnal weather. The portions are huge – I just finished a small bowl – and include unlimited squeezes of honey and choc shot. At just £3.50 for a small bowl and £4.50 for a large meal dining in at the Cafe’s very Instagrammable communal table, it’s a lovely place to dip into for a leisurely catch up with friends, an informal business meeting or simply an exciting (and very affordable!) alternative to chain takeaways’ offerings. They’ve even piled the counter high with tasty takeaway treats so you can stock up on Pip & Nut sachets, Bounce Balls and other healthy treats too.

Thanks for a brilliant start to my day Porridge Cafe, you fuelled me to a deadlifting PB in my lunchtime workout and I’ll definitely be back to try a ryeotto meal soon!

You can find the Porridge Cafe at 16 Terminus Place, Victoria Station (National Rail, District, Circle & Victoria Lines) – check out their website for the full menu.


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