Sculpt those shoulders! 25 min home / hotel gym workout

25 MINS… 234 REPS… YES there is a time & a place for 2kg dumbbells!

Many guys will laugh at the girls in the gym training with very light weights but when used in supersets they can give you an incredible burn, sculpting those shoulders & rear delts for a strong upper body and beautiful tank top arms.

Plus, doing the exercises standing up engages your core so you don’t need to do all those sit-ups either!


I’m on holiday in Switzerland this week and the incredible scenery means I just want to get outside! So after a beautiful hotel breakfast (healthy bircher muesli & eggs, I’m saving my treats for tomorrow’s chocolate and cheese tours!) I headed out for a 3 hour lakeside walk and castle tour – those views mean I’m longing to get active and try some low intensity steady state cardio (LISS) workouts.

Onto the weights though – I have swapped a few weights workouts for cardio and bodyweight circuits recently and my muscles are longing to get back into lifting and hit some new PBs.

With a spare half hour before dinner, I ran down to the hotel gym for a quick workout, using just dumbbells and a bench as the gym doesn’t have barbells or kettlebells.

3 sets of an adapted @LDN_Muscle superset:

6 x seated shoulder press 1-4 tempo /
12 x standing lateral raises 1-3 tempo /
25 rear delt flies 1-2 tempo 4kg /
120s rest

Followed by 3 x standing Arnold press dropsets:

10 reps x 8kg /
10 reps x 4kg /
15 reps x 2kg /
90s rest

Simple, little equipment & only a small space needed but I already know I’ll wake up acheing tomorrow!

What’s your favourite motivation to get active – does fantastic weather and scenery get your trainers on, or are Instagram photos and magazine interviews more powerful? Let me know in the comments below!


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