Heavenly healthy hot chocolate (high protein; sugar & sweetener free)

I took advantage of today’s beautiful weather and went for a 5 mile recovery wander (relieving out my awful squat/deadlift day leg DOMS) round London, finishing in a gorgeous Anthropologie shop. If you haven’t yet heard of Anthropologie, I really recommend visiting your nearest branch or perusing their website. Their buyers have incredible taste and have created an inspiring edit of homeware, books and clothes. image It’s the sort of shop that you can’t leave empty handed: every item they stock seems to add a little excitement to your desk/coffee table/wardrobe and I haven’t found any homeware as beautiful for the same price on the high street. Many of the crockery collections come with a note about the designer’s inspirations and my purchases have already sparked conversations from interested dinner guests! image Their one day 15% off sale meant I just had to buy this gorgeous mug (and a couple of other crockery pieces!). Its thick rim is perfect for hot chocolate, so I created this creamy hot chocolate for my cosy film night. It’s as frothy as any Starbucks beverage and much, much healthier: naturally sugar and sweetener free. Whizzing the ingredients together in a Nutribullet gives the perfect frothy consistency but you can shake the whey, milk and cocoa in a blender amd stir in the cashew cream if your blender isn’t too powerful. image

— 1 scoop natural unsweetened The Organic Protein Company whey, or vegan, protein powder
— 1 tbsp Fairtrade cacao/cocoa powder
— 1 tsp Lucy Bee extra virgin coconut oil
— 20g cashew nuts (soaked for 2-4 hours if you have a basic blender)
— 1 cup unsweetened almond/rice milk
— Toppings: eg 1 tbsp Total Greek full fat yoghurt / Coyo, Pip & Nut almond butter, cacao nibs, cinnamon, sprinkles.


— Blend all the main ingredients in a Nutribullet, pour into a mug then microwave for  2 x 30s intervals.

— Add your toppings & enjoy! 😋


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