Lift, learn, live – the weekly round-up #1

I love sharing my food and fitness discoveries on my Instagram feed, but not everywhere I go makes it into a full blog post. In this new weekly series I’ll share my weekly highlights in three categories: “lift” (my workouts), “learn” (new cooking ideas, nutritional news and exercise tips) and “live” (restaurant discoveries, social events and a few little purchases). Please let me know if you like the categories, have tried any of these and which of my highlights is your favourite!

Lift, learn, live week 1

Clockwise from top left: Core Collective studio (1, 2 & 3); Florette salad and canapes (4 & 5); Evidence Radio; Kayla Itsines live bootcamp; new Nikes; The Porridge Cafe.


Putting my new Nike Free Run 5.0s through a three-part test: my first ever spin class, rig circuits at Core Collective & burpees galore at Kayla Itsines’ live bootcamp (full blog post here).


Florette Salad very kindly invited me to learn a host of Salad Secrets an evening supper and workshop. After salad demonstrations and chef wizardry from the ladies behind Lunch Bxd (including Bloody Rocket cocktails and peppercress cheesecake!), Leon and John from the inspirational Lean Machines YouTube channel explained the nutritional benefits of creating less ordinary salads. I’ve been an avid viewer of Leon and John’s videos for a long time and felt indescribably fortunate to have the opportunity to chat to them about food, fitness and motivation over dinner.

After a great discussion about post-workout protein consumption at the Florette event, I did some further research into the academic literature and discovered Armi Legge’s “Evidence Radio” podcasts. They’re available on iTunes for free and feature interviews with scientific researchers, in terms which non-academics can easily understand. It’s so refreshing to find people who are interested in the evidence, rather than quick sales, so I’ll definitely be working my way through the episodes.


After many years wearing plain white or plain black trainers, I treated myself to some very bright trainers in the Nike sale and have to say they’ve motivated me to get to the gym despite the dreary weather – sometimes we all need a little extrinsic motivation!

Also this week I met up with Joanna, a lovely lady who I’d ‘met’ on social media through the incredible Hannah Mills‘ facebook group. She was down in London for a short holiday so I introduced her to the Porridge Cafe which I reviewed recently – despite all social media’s negative influences, it can so often be an amazingly powerful tool for connecting like-minded people who you would never otherwise meet!


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