The foodie round-up #2: the breakfasts!

For my June food highlights post I’m sharing the best breakfasts I’ve made in the last few weeks, because what could be better than breakfast?! I’ve been mixing up my workouts this month, swapping some gym sessions for home workouts and outdoor runs which gives me some rare opportunities to relax with a plated rather tupperware breakfast!
Eight easy breakfastsClockwise from top left: lean bacon steak fry up; toasted rye and homemade high protein, sugar free “Nutella” made with The Organic Protein Company‘s whey; Total Greek yoghurt topped with Pip & Nut, Beltsander brownie, berries and golden linseed; poached egg & salmon Mindful Chef UK breakfast; low sugar coconut berry smoothie bowl; banana & berry baked oats; overnight oats in an almost empty Pip & Nut jar; five minute microwave scrambled eggs and veg with rye toast.

Eight sublimely easy breakfasts – all tupperware-friendly!

Every one of these delicious dishes can be prepped and packed up to eat on the train, in the office or on a picnic blanket if the sun ever comes out to play! Head over to my Instagram page for all the recipes, and please let me know what you’d like to see in my next foodie round-up post.


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