SoMuchMore – becoming a #WellbeingWarrior

This week I became an official #WellbeingWarrior and started trialling SoMuchMore*. The SoMuchMore card is my golden ticket to explore all things fitness-focused in London and the surrounding home counties (along with Paris, Madrid & Germany, but sadly I don’t think I’ll make it that far in two weeks!). After a five minute online registration process, I was given access to a health blogger’s dream screen – a timetable showing thousands of the city’s most innovative workout and mindfulness classes.

Photo credit: Somuchmore

Photo credit: Somuchmore

Keep reading to the end for my discount code, which gives you a two week completely free trial plus a discounted first month.

Ten Pilates City studio

Ten Pilates City studio

For my first class I chose a familiar-sounding 45 minute HIIT workout and headed to the beautiful Ten Pilates for some hardcore Saturday morning circuits. It’s just two minutes away from one of London’s busiest train stations but entering the studio’s reception felt like walking into an oasis of calm.

The reformer pilates studio is on the first floor

The reformer pilates studio is on the first floor

I arrived a few minutes early and after a quick registration (just signing the usual health disclaimer), I snuck into the empty reformer pilates studio for a quick peek into one of the latest fitness trends. I must admit, as a complete pilates beginner the reformer apparatus looks pretty scary and I was glad I’d chosen a more familiar option for my first session.

TenPilates flowers

Even the waiting areas are gorgeous!

Even the waiting areas are gorgeous!

The HIIT workout was a four-person class in the top floor studio, and after many basement gym sessions it felt fantastic to exercise next to a huge, light-filled window. We were taken through a quick warmup which hinted at the intervals to come – when there are burpees in the warmup you know you’re in for an intense class! The workout itself consisted of three tabata intervals using the TRX and weights (including TRX squat jumps, bent-over rows and jumping lunges for an all-over body burn) where we worked in pairs, swapping equipment after each 20 seconds intervals; followed by more traditional 45-second bootcamp intervals and finally some partner core work. As someone who always skips isolated core exercises when I train alone, I really appreciated having my workout partner there to keep me pushing until the time was up.

Photo credit: MoreFit

Photo credit: MoreFit

Class sizes vary with the studio and time of day – I was the only person keen (/sadistic?!) enough to book into MoreFit’s 6:45am Super Legs class on Tuesday, but had two new workout partners in the same studio’s Wednesday morning Bodyweight Blitz session. The quality of instructors really shows when you’re in a solo class, as the small group legs circuits were instantly adapted into a PT-style session. Four giant sets later and I was a very sweaty mess, and it was only after hobbling into the changing room when I realised I’d been so absorbed in the session that I hadn’t even noticed a spin class beginning next to me!

SoMuchMore cardholders have access to an unlimited number of classes each month, the only caveat is that you can only visit each studio/provider three times per month. It’s a very similar concept to ClassPass, but with a unique wellbeing focus – there are hundreds of yoga & pilates classes included as well as an incredibly diverse range of opportunities to learn everything from mindfulness to juicing tips.

The card is usually £89 per month, but the lovely team at SoMuchMore have given me a discount code to share with you. Just use the code FITEMMA1 at the checkout to receive a COMPLETELY FREE two week trial and a £25 discount in your first month. It’s a monthly rolling subscription so you can cancel at any time – but I doubt you’ll want to!


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