Healthy cookie dough recipe – sugar & sweetener free

Summer is finally here in London, and with a heatwave and the Wimbledon tennis championships arriving in the same week there’s definitely cause for celebration! This recipe is much healthier than the cookie dough mixtures and ice creams sold in supermarkets, and only takes two minutes to whip up so is perfect for those evenings when you’re eyeing up the biscuit barrel.Chickpea cookie doughThe main ingredient is chickpeas, but I promise you can’t taste them – just creamy, peanut butter-y goodness mixed and the deliciously rich, melt-in-your-mouth crunch of chocolate chunks!

The “dough” is completely sugar and sweetener free, so the only sugar in this bowl is a small amount of natural sugars in the strawberries and lactose in the unsweetened yoghurt.


– 1/2 tin (120g) cooked chickpeas
– 1 tsp Lucy Bee* extra virgin coconut oil
– 2 tbsp powdered peanut butter, or natural peanut butter
– 20g unflavoured casein protein powder (for a vegan alternative, try That Protein’s pumpkin & chia powder, or omit entirely)
– 2 – 3 tbsp milk of your choice (I used unsweetened almond milk)
– 15g dark chocolate, chopped (Montezuma’s 100% is delicious, without any smokey taste – tastes more like an 80% dark chocolate)

Toppings: My favourites are Total Greek yoghurt, berries, pumpkin seeds, extra nut butter and chocolate sauce


– Blend the chickpeas, coconut oil, casein protein powder, nut butter and almond milk into a thick paste.
– Add a little more milk if necessary, to reach your desired consistency.
– Stir in the dark chocolate, then add your toppings and enjoy!


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