Lift, learn, live – the weekly round-up #3

Sorry for the hiatus in these weekly posts but the series has now resumed!

Clockwise from top left: The #GirlGains event, ostrich steak, coconut flour pizza & wedges, BBQ salad, celebratory lunch, tiny turtles

Clockwise from top left: The #GirlGains event, ostrich steak, coconut flour pizza & wedges, BBQ salad, celebratory lunch, tiny turtles

LIFT – I’ve already blogged about the fantastic #GirlGains event which I attended, and this week I’ve been using the HIIT workout which Tally put us through as inspiration for some quick outdoor sweaty sessions in a local park. In the summer I love to get outside in the fresh air as much as possible, and having a list of challenging bodyweight exercises means I have no excuse to hide away in the gym!

I also tried a workout from Dan Wheeler’s bikini guide. I downloaded the free sample this week and completed the sample workout in the gym on Tuesday morning. I actually misread the tempo and had to halve the weights to fit it into the 55 minutes I had available (it’s written as a chest & shoulders workout but I didn’t have time for the shoulder exercises either), however even with those tweaks I woke up on Wednesday with my worst chest DOMS ever. I always stretch after a workout and usually only feel the effects of chest flies (at the side of my chest) the day after, but three days later all my pec muscles are still burning. I’d definitely recommend downloading the sample plan, Dan certainly knows how to design intense sessions!

LEARN – This has been a little different for the past couple of weeks. Rather than reading books and articles about training methodologies and food groups, I’ve focussed on reading up on PTs and the benefits of coaching as I’m considering hiring my first ever long-term training & nutrition coach(es). Hannah Mills (Wedges & Weights)’ very honest Q&A about her coaching and ‘prep’ experience was an eye-opening video and I also spent time reflecting on plans and approaches which I’ve followed in the past.

After finally buying a spiraliser (I know, I know – I’m about three years behind!) I’ve fallen in love with courgetti and vegetable ‘noodles’. I really dislike cooked courgette but raw or briefly stir-fried courgetti noodles are delicious and don’t taste like the cooked version at all. Lipsofacto’s raw Pad Thai, special fried noodles with Iceland’s ostrich fillet and a raw slaw have been my first spiralised creations and I’m giving a massive thumbs up to my long-overdue purchase.

I also watched, and loved, all three episodes in the latest Trust Me, I’m A Doctor series (available on BBC iPlayer) which exposed some shocking health secrets (including the ginseng supplements which don’t contain any ginseng, and a fascinating insight into personalised medicine – their experiment on using diet to reduce cholesterol showed exactly how individual we all are).

LIVE – This week’s activities have been pretty food-centered! After Florette & Iceland gave me an incredible picnic package   (who knew Iceland offered such a wealth of fresh food as well as frozen products?!), I created a vegan satay salad and a salmon, blueberry and cashew nut courgetti recipe. The recipes each took less than five minutes to make (proving there’s no need to buy ‘time-saving’ sugary salad dressings) and the salad was a perfect steak partner for my family BBQ.

A deliciously easy, low carb Honestly Healthy coconut flour pizza (“the best healthy pizza” I’ve made, according to my very honest boyfriend – and I’ve tried a fair few caulfilower/gram flour recipes!) and homemade surf ‘n’ turf were also on the menu this week as I realised that celebrating with healthy food is my genuine preference, not a compromise.

Today I’m also enjoying some organic dark chocolate Tiny Tasty Turtles. I love Montezuma’s (their vegan and sugar-free, 100% cocoa chocolate buttons are one of my favourite chocolates) and am so impressed with this range’s ethos  – chocolates aimed at children (or young-at-heart adults!) which have the same high quality ingredients and low sugar as their traditional bars. I received the turtles as a beautiful surprise gift from a family member – head over to my Instagram page to find out how they’re helping me take some much-needed ‘me time’.



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