Lift, learn, live – the weekly round-up #4



This week I continued to switch up my workouts, taking inspiration from the classes I tried with my SoMuchMore pass as well as Dan Wheeler’s bikini guide. I haven’t done a traditional “leg day” with weights for months, but on Tuesday I woke up really wanting to do a heavy workout and test my strength (crazy, I know – it happens about twice a year!). Sixty minutes later, I looked like I’d been for a swim and by the evening I could barely walk up stairs… cheers Dan!

I also devised a new arms circuit as I get a little bored doing bicep and tricep supersets by themselves – as they aren’t very big muscle groups I miss the heart rate surge that comes from compound lifts. I’d love to see your sweaty selfies if you try it – I was lying on the floor between sets so be prepared to work hard! Use the heaviest weights you can lift for the bicep/hammer curls and lateral raises – I used 9kg and 3kg dumbbells respectively.

Complete all the exercises back to back before resting for 90 seconds, then repeat the whole circuit three times. The tempo is written as follows: eccentric (lowering) – isometric (hold) – concentric (work hard!).
6 bicep curls 3-0-1 tempo / 6 hammer curls 3-0-1 / 12 tricep pressups / 10 lateral raises 3-0-3 / 12 plyo press-up plank jacks (omit the press-up if it’s too hard) / 12 plank jacks with butt kicks / 6 ‘commandos’ each side.



Since my spiraliser arrived, my I’ve been scouring recipe books and blogs for more ways to create beautiful bowls of curly goodness! I bought the Lurch Spiraliser 10203 from Amazon (£26.63) and it’s revolutionarised my salads, stir fries and lunch box meals. I hate the taste of cooked courgette but have discovered a love for raw and very lightly cooked courgetti; sweet potato ‘noodles’ stir-fried in sesame oil and LipsoFacto’s incredible raw Pad Thai recipe.

I also created (and devoured!) this beautiful ‘dessert bowl’ using deliciously creamy Total Greek yoghurt, which Quinola maker Louise loved so much that she put the recipe on the Quinola granola website! Now that I’ve discovered the joys of eating flexibly, I’m determined to never give up balanced eating.


From L - R: The chocolate processor (fountain!); a library of maturing chocolate; chocolate fresh from the fountain; the sorting machine which only uses air and scales to divide the nibs and shells.

From L – R: The chocolate processor (fountain!); a library of maturing chocolate; chocolate fresh from the fountain; the sorting machine which only uses air and scales to divide the nibs and shells.

After visiting the beautiful but very busy Columbia Road flower market on Sunday morning, I stumbled upon Mast Brothers’ chocolate shop and factory in Shoreditch, East London. All the chocolate is 73% cocoa or higher and is made on-site in a room not too much bigger than an average family house’s kitchen, before being left to mature for three months and finally wrapped by hand. Almost all the bars have just two ingredients (cocoa beans and sugar), meaning they’re completely gluten and dairy free with a divinely unique taste – if you like surprises, try the smoky Papua New Guina bar which tastes like beef jerky!

The brothers’ sustainable ethos and commitment to minimising processing is inspirational: they work with small farms in eight countries, choosing and hand-sorting beans with rich flavours which removes the need to add any flavourings whatsoever to the chocolate. The beans are processed with cane or maple sugar without adding any heat, allowing friction to create a smooth, glossy fountain – a miniature version of the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory whirlpool. Head over to my Instagram for a full review…


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    • It’s incredible Georgina, and such lovely staff too. It’s more of an intense smoky flavour but the aftertaste does definitely remind you of beef jerky – quite Willy Wonka-esque!

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