About Me / My Fitness Story

Thanks for visiting FitFoodEmma.com. This website is no longer updated, although recipes and blog posts are still available.


I’m a 20-something Londoner who fell in love with food and heavy weights and hasn’t looked back. I’m a blogger and freelance recipe creator with a passion for turning simple ingredients into nutritious, flavour-packed meals – swapping sugar and sweeteners for natural spices, unrefined grains and healthy fats. My food, fitness and lifestyle blog posts take an 80% healthy, 20% totally-worth-it treats approach, so expect to see a few surprises!

My recipes aim to make healthy eating effortless for anyone with a busy lifestyle by creating easy meals that taste amazing, from ten minute packed lunches to dinner party dishes that excite fit foodies and sugar fiends alike! Keep up to date with my latest recipes and reviews by following me on Bloglovin’, or download my recipe e-book to try 16 delicious recipes for just £2.49.


Forget the fads, enjoy some amazing real food!

I’m a firm believer in listening to the science not fad fashions, trusting your instincts and finding a balanced lifestyle that you genuinely love. All my recipes are flexible, advocating eating only foods you truly enjoy (if you really hate kale, just don’t buy it!) and indulging in delicious treats because you love the flavour, not to sort your sugar fix. After changing my diet my body and mind felt healthier, but I was stuck in the belief that I had to stick rigidly to specific meal and exercise plans to see results. Now mixing sweaty HIIT circuits with free weights and beginners’ pilates videos, my motivation and fitness levels are higher than ever and I never feel guilty for swapping a gym session for a quick home workout if I want a lie in!

I create recipes for a wide range of dietary needs (such as high protein, low sugar and gluten free) and love to try new food, workouts and fitness products. For recipe creation, guest blogging & PR inquiries please see my recipe creation & PR page and email me at fitfoodemma@gmail.com.

Follow me on Bloglovin’ for regular food, fitness & lifestyle updates. For any other questions or if you’d just like to chat, tweet me @FitFoodEmma or tag me on Instagram.


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